Life only three years? Google will stop supporting Pixel phones later years later

Last year in October, Google released Pixel and Pixel XL mobile phone, as Google pro-son Nexus series of continuation, this time they replaced the product name, the purpose is to strengthen their own product characteristics and impressions. In the past, although the Nexus series is Google’s own products, and will be equipped with native Android system, but the taste of the foundry is too strong, and even often more mature foundry program changed. So Google will be determined to launch Pixel series of mobile phones.


Today, Google’s internal news shows that this phone will support three years, to October 2019 will stop the Pixel and Pixel XL mobile phone support. Basically, after the second half of 2019, Google will not provide users with any security or technical support. In addition, Pixel and Pixel XL will not receive any major Android operating system updates after October 2018, and a year later the security update will stop.

Compared to the previous Nexus products, Pixel and Pixel XL phones seem unexpectedly “short-lived” only two years of new system use time, but this is also understandable, and now cell phone iteration time is often only one year or even shorter Most mobile phone users, within two years there is a great chance to replace the phone, according to the data company survey results, many smart phone users to replace the new equipment is often within 12-18 months, meaning a mobile phone with two Year or so only a small part of the people, so two years of new system support, three years of security update support, is more reasonable.

If Google quickly out of the old model of mobile phone updates, then it will be able to save a lot of time to adapt the system, the use of these time to do more new system aspects of things.

In addition, if there is no accident, Pixel 2 series phone will soon debut, this product recently frequent exposure, in the benchmark running test database appeared, showing that this product uses Qualcomm Xiao Long 835 processor, with 4GB memory , Running Android 7.1.1 nougat operating system, but most likely the first to support Android 8.0 mobile phone.