Fast charge is also a cloud, Apple this technology a week without charging

Patently Apple pointed out that Apple’s new generation iPhone in 2020 will use what kind of low-power high-end wafer process, IBM coalition and TSMC potential will have some contention.TB28IJjdcPRfKJjSZFOXXbKEVXa_!!768621419-0-headline_editor

Foreign media previously reported that South Korean manufacturers AMO Greentech completed the test of flexible lithium-ion battery, is expected in October in South Korea production. Reported that the flexible battery design can be folded 180 degrees, you can also twist twist 20 degrees, the application area can be infinitely extended, not only smart phones, including wearable devices, smart watches, virtual reality (VR) or amplification Reality (AR), etc., have a flexible space for the battery. Apple seems to be developing hydrogen fuel cells. Foreign media previously reported that Apple and a British company Intelligent Energy seems to be closely related. Intelligent Energy has developed a hydrogen fuel cell module that can be used with the iPhone 6 for up to 1 week without charge. This rechargeable battery generates electricity by combining chemical changes in hydrogen and oxygen, producing only a small amount of water vapor and heat. If you use this hydrogen fuel cell, the phone may have to design a few holes in order to allow water vapor discharge. If you want to fill hydrogen fuel, you may be able to fill from the appropriate jack.