Minutes become a master of the camera, Huawei Mate9

After several years of hardware follow the trend, the development of smart phone industry has emerged a small bottleneck in a variety of black technology is not yet mature to transfer to the phone before, many manufacturers have begun to worry about what next fight. As the rapid development of smart phones in recent years, blindly match the product hardware, has long been caused by high-end flagship model performance overshadowed. In fact, compared to these, many commonly used functions should be more attention to manufacturers, such as camera function. Although each camera is also updated every year, but most of the products are not as fast as the hardware. In contrast, Huawei has taken the lead and the German camera giant Leica cooperation, launched the Mate 9 series of products, to ensure high-end hardware performance at the same time, once again to the camera to the height of the photographer.


Mate 9 is already the second smartphone between Huawei and Leica, and continues to use the second-generation dual-lens, 12-megapixel color and 20 megapixel black and white combination with Leica to make every photo Are showing Leica level imaging results. In the camera, the two cameras work at the same time, black and white camera to capture the details of the screen, the color camera is responsible for color capture and restore, and finally the black and white and color photo information synthesis optimization.

This is also on the Mate 9 to achieve a professional-level double-double zoom, it is a leading new zoom technology, asymmetric dual lens. Details of the more black and white sensor and advanced image fusion algorithm, making the zoom after the imaging still maintain the quality of Leica imaging. In addition, Mate 9 also has OIS optical image stabilization, and supports phase focus, laser focus, depth of focus, contrast focus four focus mode. At the same time, will automatically according to the shooting of the object and the environment, select the fastest and most suitable focus mode to achieve the best results. Mate 9 equipped with second-generation Leica technology, than the first generation of focusing speed increased by 30%, and supports 4K video recording, using H.265 video coding technology, the same quality than H.264 by 20% -50% storage.

Double camera with double-sided plating through the high-AR coating, so that the lens transmittance increased to 98%, the picture is more transparent. In addition there is a large aperture 2.0 mode, from F0.95 to F16 can choose, blur effect more natural, you can also choose not filter effect. Thanks to the first built-in SoC deep ISP image processing chip, performance than the previous generation to enhance 125%. Depth information calculation more accurate and faster, the final imaging edge blur more accurate, clear and bright spot shape, you can get similar to the SLR shooting shallow depth of field effect, photo layering stronger.