Starting Andrews 8.0 machine king! Xiao Long 836 + full screen

Google released Andrews 8.0, intended to use low-end models of Andrews GO and high-end models of Andrews 8.0 to solve all the Apple mobile phone chip, and a substantial increase in the overall fluency Android phone. After this, Google is now non-stop to build their own latest pro-son — Pixel 2 phone, is still working with HTC, this time Google to play a big!


Google Pixel 2 has been identified at the 18: 9 full screen, where a little episode, many people think that millet will blow black technology, but this industry is a comprehensive screen wave is led by millet MIX. And Google also attaches great importance to the full screen, that this is the future direction of Andrews mobile phone, Andrews 8.0 system also specifically for a comprehensive screen customization of the APP UI interface program.


Google Pixel 2 will be millet MIX and Samsung S8 and then a stunning full-screen mobile phone, a resolution of 2560 × 1312 5.6-inch screen, equipped with a hardware configuration Xiaolong 835 (6) processor, the highest 6G Memory + 128G memory, rear 12 million UltraPixel3 (1.4μm, f / 1.7 aperture, optical image stabilization, dual LED) camera, and HTC U11 with models, camera performance is very good.


And Google Pixel 2 will be the first equipped with Andrews 8.0 system phone, coupled with the best hardware configuration, the machine will have a very high degree of fluency, powerful hardware + exclusive optimized system + stunning appearance, Google Pixel 2 will join this year’s iPhone8, Samsung Note8 and Huawei Mate10 competition.